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Lee, was raised on a farm and ranch in Western Colorado attending Western State College in Gunnision Colorado and Arizona State University in Tempe, receiving a BA Degree in Business Administration.

After graduation from college Lee began his career in banking in California and then on to an accounting position in Denver with a building wholesale company. He later returned to Western Colorado working with the family in the Livestock Auction Business and started his Real Estate career.

The first experience in Real Estate began with building a four plex and then on to land development. Lee decided a real estate license was needed and formed a brokerage firm. He then obtained a Securities License to work with Real Estate partnerships.

Lee's experience in Real Estate has included most phase's of  Residential, Commercial, Farm & Ranch and Investment Properties, with different projects in Arizona and Colorado over the years. He also worked with both local and national firms, having experience in both the upside and the downside of the real estate markets.

With years of work in the Real Estate Industry and with the contacts that have been made, Lee feels that he can help you acquire and market your property or help you get your property to a position of profit either through working with you as a consultant, or forming a partnership if the need be.
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Lee Pretti 
Colorado Broker Edward"Lee" Pretti